gaming with movement.

i think that this game looks fun. i would play this. i wish they would have done this a long time ago.  if they made more games with that kind of technology it would be awesome. boxing, golf, bolling, just like the wii. but with more sensors for your movement. it would take gaming to the next level. gaming would not be a sit and watch game it would be a stand and play.


i pad

if i had an ipad, what would i do……. i think the better question would be what wouldn’t i do? i could use it for school, for fun, books, movies, games, apps, internet, everything.

6th sence

this technology does not surprise me. what surprises me is that it is already being manufactured and will be mass produced not too long from now. i think this is a crazy idea, but however i think it would cost a fortune. if a phone costs alot with all its upgrades monthly fees and so on. how many catches do you think this will have. internet, games, phone, and anything else they can think of to make us pay more.


the video I watched today in class was a little surprizing. how we make a false representation of the way celebrities look.  I knew designers used Photoshop. I just didn’t know they used it to give makeup, hair dye, and their body build. i dont think this is wrong. but I disagree with it.  i just hope the don’t use it on every celebrity alot and all the time.

computer literacy

computer literacy includes everything from welcome to computers to making movies and designing websites. Computer literacy is the way you use computers and technology efficiently and effectively


hey everybody! no one is probobly visiting this website at all. no one probbly knows that this website exists. but, hey everybody